Generally speaking, processes may be optimized and synergies are created on different levels. Our experience shows that unnecessary challenges may arise when the specific requirements at the actual constructions site are left unconsidered while planning and executing intercontinental shipping solutions for the machinery and construction material needed.
The question: “What are the needs and what is manageable at the actual construction site?” is important for efficient construction processes.

Connecting both fields of logistics – shipping and on-site – may save time and money, for example by adjusting intercontinental project shipping processes to the actual requirements at the construction site.

This job section includes the classical procedure of checking every single loading unit for load and count. We document each shipment’s single pieces which were delivered. Also, we check the goods for damages and record if there are any. That requires a lot of time as detailed packing lists may well encompass more than 10.000 positions. Then we make sure, that goods are ready when they are needed in the installation process. This often involves several steps of goods’ handling.

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