The Karl Gross Group

This is Karl Gross

We are your specialist for intercontinental logistics solutions

The Karl Gross group is active in international freight forwarding and logistics. Our roots go back to 1876 when Karl Gross was founded close to Bremen, Germany.

Nowadays, Karl Gross is active and present in many countries of the world and provides freight forwarding and logistics services according to the corporate motto “Better logistics for you”.

Specialized teams cater to the individual needs of our clients. We take on our clients’ logistics challenges and create tailor-made solutions.

Some challenges are bigger than others. Our way of meeting these is out-of-the-box-thinking leading to favorable solutions for our customers. Our basis: profound education and vast professional knowledge of our team members allowing them to work self-reliantly.

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Combining modernity and tradition:

While acting in a modern group structure, we are still medium-sized and privately owned. That makes us flexible enough to react to changing needs, demands and markets and still we are a big enough player to realize a vast range of logistic solutions – suitable to the individual needs of each customer.

We  look back on more than 140 years of tradition.

Our Philosophy

How we are and how we act – the spirit of Karl Gross

We take care

Our customers are the center of our attention, and our thoughts and actions focus on them. We see ourselves as trusted partners of our customers. Our approach is to be of service to each customer as individually as possible. Personal customer care through a constant contact person allows us to know the special challenges each customer faces and to work out individual logistics solutions.

We are competent, motivated and loyal

Core of our services are our motivated employees. We emphasize their professional training and their continuous advancement of skills. We respect our people and cultivate a friendly and cooperative working environment. This lays the foundations for competent, specialized teams, staffed with loyal and long term team members. 

We think and act as entrepreneur, are independent and flexible

We are market-oriented and privately owned. We have a clear and uncomplicated chain of command. This enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to varying customer demands and market changes.

We are international and cosmopolitan

As a specialist for international freight forwarding and logistics, we feel at home in many countries of the world. We are culturally open-minded and multilingual and our several personal international contacts promote business relations and friendships around the world.

We believe in quality

When it comes to service quality, we are uncompromising. We apply top standards to ourselves. As we are convinced that the weakest link in the chain determines the overall logistics performance, we also apply these standards to our national and international business partners. In countries, where we do not have offices of our own, we have carefully selected strong local partners.