When spare parts for machinery in on-going production are needed, every minute counts. Our air freight specialists are used to that. They implement fast and flexible logistics solutions for urgent cargo – most recently for a heavyweight T-Head Bolt needed in Thailand.

A typical scenario

Heavy spare parts are a ‘classic’ in terms of urgent air freight cargo. “If machinery or entire plants stand still, because an essential component is defective, it can become expensive and/or will severely affect further processes”, Zhipeng Liu, Teamleader Export Operations of our air freight team in Frankfurt, says. “Thus, the spare part needs to be at hand as quick as possible.”

Within only six hours after we received the transport inquiry, the export customs clearance was arranged .

Immediate action

Recently, our air freight specialists were demanded to realize the transport of an urgently needed T-Head Bolt. The dimensions of the cargo: approximately 115 x 75 x 110 cm (H x W x L), weight: more than one ton. “The T-Head Bolt had to be airlifted from Germany to Thailand on the fastest route”, our air freight specialist explains. Everything had to arranged fast: “Within only six hours after we received the transport inquiry, the booking of a direct flight, the organization of the pickup of goods from the customer the next day and the export customs clearance were arranged“, Zhipeng Liu says.

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