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Forwarding solutions via Air Freight

Fast and flexible: Karl Gross is specialist in worldwide air freight transports via liner and charter service

Up in the air: we know from experience that time is the main factor for air freight shipments – and so is flexibility.

We develop and organize a broad range of worldwide air transport solutions via liner and charter air freight services.

Our service range includes:

  • “Belly Freight” – cargo transportation via passenger aircrafts
  • “Freighter” – cargo transportation in designated “cargo only” aircrafts
  • Shipments of general cargo
  • Shipments of cargo stowed in air freight containers
  • Shipments of goods stowed on unit loads devices
  • Consolidation –  combined transport for smaller shipments

For air cargo projects, we develop and realize solutions via part- or full-charter service including solutions with wide-body aircrafts, like Antonov or Ilyushin.

Our air freight offices in Germany are located right at the major hubs for international air freight transportation: at Frankfurt/Main International Airport (FRA) and at Munich Franz Josef Strauss International Airport (FJS). This ensures short distances to carriers and airport facilities and makes possible a particularly flexible handling of the urgent freight.

Your contact persons for Air Freight shipments

Tommy Chun
Tommy ChunFrankfurt,Branch Manager
Zhipeng Liu
Zhipeng LiuFrankfurt,Export Manager
Heidi Dengler
Heidi DenglerFrankfurt,Import Operations
Felix Kinsberger
Felix KinsbergerFrankfurt,Import Operations & Inside Sales
Dominik Ruckdeschel
Dominik RuckdeschelAußenbüro Regensburg,Regional Air Freight Sales Manager