Break Bulk

Forwarding solutions for Break Bulk cargo

If cargo cannot be containerized: Karl Gross is your specialist in Break Bulk shipments

Some goods cannot be containerized. These are transported as Break Bulk (lose cargo). Our specialists plan and organize break bulk cargo shipments via charter or liner service.

Each commodity is different: aspects like weight, measurements and the nature of the goods to be shipped are to be taken into account when planning and implementing break bulk transports. I.e. the protection of goods e.g. through seaworthy packing and the appropriate handling equipment. Profound know-how and experience are important.

Our break bulk specialists have particular knowledge for handling and shipping of:

  • steel and steel products
  • machinery and factory equipment for the oil and gas industry
  • equipment for the mining industry

Unusual but not impossible: As specialists in break bulk cargo shipments we also look and go beyond the “usual transport patterns”. Besides implementing shipping solutions on break bulk vessels or heavy lift vessels, we also create solutions for transporting break bulk cargo on container vessels.