Once the goods are unloaded at their assigned place on-site, it is time for a thorough check-up. The main questions are whether the delivery is complete and if there are damages visible.

The inspection of the delivery also includes squaring the complete content with a detailed packing list. That can be quite a “mammoth task”, as we are talking about the inspection of ten thousands of parts. In case of larger projects detailed packing lists often contain more than 10,000 single items. Nonetheless, it is important to know, whether for example all the screws, which should have been delivered, are actually on-site. That may sound trivial, but is necessary for a smooth workflow. It costs time and money if the assembly needs to be stopped due to missing screws. Part of the inspection of incoming good is a constant reporting to the site management, so that, if necessary, they can react quickly and reorder any missing quantities, which are then delivered by air freight for instance, to keep the assembling process running.

After all the packages have been checked, we hand them over to the assembly teams once they are needed and document the handover accordingly. We act as a kind of “warehouse stock manager” on the construction site.

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