When our air freight team in Frankfurt receives an urgent order that requires ad-hoc delivery of goods, they respond right away. That is nothing new.

However, just recently, our air freight specialists created a logistics solution for an oog piece: a machinery spare part weighing approximately 12 tons and having a diameter of more than four meters had to be shipped from the factory in Germany to Minnesota, USA, within a very short time frame. The customer: a renowned manufacturer of industrial equipment for the mining industry. The solution: chartering an Antonov 124. The particular: from receiving an inquiry to the actual delivery only 2.5 working days passed.

Always keeping an eye on time, we realized detailed transport concepts for the pre- and main carriage.

However, it was not the critical time factor that required special know-how and out-of-the-box-thinking – ad-hoc solutions are part of the daily business of our air freight team in Frankfurt. It was the dimensions of the machinery part. “For the oog piece with a diameter of more than four meters, no standard logistics solutions came into play. So, we had to develop special logistics solutions for the pre- and main carriage – always keeping an eye on time”, Tommy Chun says.

“’Regular cargo aircrafts’, such as a Boeing 747 and 777 were not considered for the main carriage, because of the dimensions of the spare part. Depending on the type of aircraft, the cargo doors have a maximum width of up to 3.70 m and a maximum height of up to 3.15 m”, our air freight specialist explains. The solution: chartering an Antonov 124.

Change of locations for short road haulage

“We knew that Antonov aircrafts are often ‘parked’ and maintained at Leipzig Airport (Eastern Germany). So, we immediately asked for availability of an aircraft, determined the best located airport, and ordered the aircraft there – to a Western European airport. “The ‘change of location’ was necessary to keep the road haulage of the cargo as short as possible”, Tommy Chun says.

Because of the dimensions of the machinery part, the shipment was too bulky for a 'regular cargo aircraft'.

Parallel to the transport concept for the main carriage, our air freight team in Frankfurt also took care of the pre-carriage concept. In any case, it was important to avoid waiting times for transport permits. There are maximum permitted dimensions for road haulage that need to be complied with. “Anything beyond that requires a permit”, Tommy Chun says. However, our team managed to conform to the maximum allowed dimensions.  

With a special logistics solution, we managed to comply with the maximum allowed dimensions for road haulage.

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