When shipping goods by air freight, time often plays a critical role. The specialists of Karl Gross realize air freight solutions by charter flight.

Cargo volume determines the type of aircraft

Short transport times also turns out to be crucial for one of our clients – a worldwide leading provider of railway infrastructure – whose goods are generally shipped via ocean freight. Almost 200 packages with a total weight of more than 100 tons had to be shipped from Germany to Indonesia on short notice. Another requirement was to transport the entire shipment in one lot.

Our air freight specialists in Frankfurt/Main, Germany took on the case. They knew for this consignment shipping goods belly freight using a passenger aircraft would not be an option nor a regular air freight transport via freighter. So they had to charter a freighter – a Boeing 747-400. “The freight volume was quite high and our client wanted to have the entire shipment transported in one lot. In that case chartering a freighter was the most efficient and economical way of transportation” says Zhipeng. Right away our specialists checked the availability of suitable freighters and arranged for all flight permits and traffic rights, while applying for a suitable slot at the airport.

A detailed freight plan

“For stowing and securing the cargo on board of the freighter, a stowage plan was created providing a detailed overview of the loading position of every single package” explains Zhipeng. “Such an exact stowage plan is a must have. The weight onboard the aircraft needs to be well-balanced for flight safety reasons. This requires precise pre-planning.” Highloaders (hydraulic ramps) were used to lift the cargo from ground level to aircraft level and to load the cargo on board.

An exact freight plan is a must have as the weight need to be well-balanced on board.

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