Our customers have access to their current stock quantities and track movement all the time.

Bought but not sold yet – permanent storage

A prominent case is that for example trading companies order goods overseas and have these imported in larger quantities to re-sell partial quantities. “For such cases, we provide permanent storage solutions which allow our customers to have the goods distributed to their customers upon demand and in the requested quantity. IT infrastructure allows our customers to access their current stock quantities and track movement of cargo coming in and moving out of the warehouse”, says Bert de Haan who is responsible for warehousing in our Rotterdam operations team.

Easy access to the European market

“Our warehousing facilities are beneficial for goods to be distributed among Europe”, John Touw says. “Especially, when customers also make use of our import customs clearance services. We are licensed as fiscal representative in the Netherlands and hold an AEO-F status. This provides our customers with the opportunity to have their goods delivered all around Europe on short notice.”

Easy access for delivery, pick-up and to goods

“The warehousing facilities have an excellent connection to the port of Rotterdam and to the European highway network. The highway A15 is right around the corner and so is the highway A4.”

Competent handling

Be it permanent storage, interim storage or cross-docking, safety of goods is a major topic in warehousing services. “The personnel handling of goods entrusted to our care are skilled and experienced”, John Touw says. “Also, the warehouse has a 24/7 camera surveillance, so that we permanently keep an eye on the goods and movements.”

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