Karl Gross Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. launched its WeChat presence.

But what is WeChat?

Short messenger service with chat feature, networking, shopping or payment functions – these and many more features are available/accessible in this one single app. Companies use WeChat e.g. to present themselves and their services by implementing their own official accounts. “For us, a life without WeChat has become hardly imaginable. It makes parts of lives easier as there are so many useful functions available”, Roger Zheng says. “Our presence on WeChat is a good opportunity to get and stay in contact with potential and existing clients as well as stakeholders, to enter into a dialogue with them and give insights into the ‘World of Karl Gross’”, Frauke Seeliger explains.

To follow the WeChat presence of Karl Gross Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. all you need is a personal account on WeChat.

Then, you can search for our WeChat ID in the app or scan our QR Code.

WeChat ID: KarlGrossChina

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