To optimize customs clearance processes, we take care for special permits at an early stage.

Spotlight on container delivery to the port:

A fee does not only occur when a container is picked up too late from the port or terminal area. It can also be charged when a container is delivered too early within the export handling process.

However, the time needed for performing the on-carriage to the consignee and for returning the empty container depends on various factors such as the country of destination. For example, not all countries have empty depots for containers in the hinterland. An example for this is Egypt. In Egypt, a container has to be taken back all the way back to the port after discharging goods at the delivery destination. If there are several hundreds of kilometers distance between port and consignee, it takes thorough planning to avoid detention charges. Apart from the distance between the port of discharge and the final place of delivery, the specific infrastructure of a country is another factor that needs to be considered as it affects the on-carriage time. What is the connection between port and hinterland like and are there any detours that need to be planned because of certain road conditions are crucial issues in this regard. 

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