Towards the sun: Karl Gross forwards photovoltaic systems

Ocean FreightTowards the sun: Karl Gross forwards photovoltaic systems

Bernd Kai Nietert
Bernd Kai NietertHead of Sales & Business Development

Photovoltaic systems more and more capture the international market of renewable energy technologies. When talking about production volume of solar panels, China is a big player on the international market. Karl Gross is specialized in creating transport solutions for photovoltaic modules and substructures.

“Our offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas and our carefully selected local partners allow us to create efficient door-to-door logistics solutions in this sector – also for cross trades”, Bernd Kai Nietert, Head of Business Development in Bremen, says.

Shipments via container

In many countries of the world, companies count on renewable energy, won by photovoltaic systems to cover their energy needs and investors build solar parks to sell the electricity gained. A good part of such photovoltaic systems is made in China – and our specialists forward them to their final destination.

When shipping large volumes, we recommend starting planning the transport early.

“When shipping photovoltaic panels and equipment, we are mostly talking about shipments of containerized goods”, Bernd Kai Nietert says. The volume of shipments vary – e.g. from a few TEU to more than 220 TEU per lot. “When shipping large volumes, we recommend starting planning the transport early as the container space available on a ship is a decisive factor for larger lots”, our specialist says. “In the case of letter of credits involved, it may cause complications when the shipment needs to be split into more than one lot.”

Door-to-door services

The logistics experts of Karl Gross are specialized in organizing transport solutions along the entire supply chain – also when talking about cross trades. “We realize transport solutions from the productions place to the delivery at construction sites”, Bernd Kai Nietert explains.

“Our network of own international offices and carefully selected partners allows us to realize logistics projects of different volumes – in time and door-to-door.” Our multicultural teams of specialists keep our customers up-to-date about the statuses of shipments all the time. “It makes no difference whether shipments are forwarded from Germany to Vietnam or from China to Vietnam – thanks to our multilingual teams, country boarders do not matter for us”, Bernd Kai Nietert says.

Our multicultural teams keep our customers up-to-date all the time.

And furthermore…

When realizing transport solutions for voluminous projects, the logistical effort is not only the pure transportation process. “Even on site at the construction sites, logistical support may be needed”, our Head of Business Development knows – keyword: on-site-logistics. “Through our far-reaching agents’ network, we are able to provide the right partner for different project tasks.”

Good to know

Some countries subsidize the import of photovoltaic panels and equipment. “In this case, the plants are exempt from import duties”, our logistics expert explains.“ E.g. in Vietnam components that cannot be procured in Vietnam are exempt from duty.”  

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