Symbolic handover at Karl Gross in Chile

Chile Symbolic handover at Karl Gross in Chile

Steffen W. Fulst Managing Director

There’s changes at Karl Gross Logistics (Chile) SpA.

In detail: Henning Kanert, current General Manager of Karl Gross in Santiago de Chile is switching continents from South America back to Europe (Germany) and hands over his position to Tobias Oberg who will from now on push the Latin America business forward.

Karl Gross Logistics (Chile) SpA has been part of the South American logistics provider market since 2015. On board from the very beginning: Henning Kanert. He was involved in the foundation and development of this Karl Gross location and has been the General Manager ever since. Now Henning Kanert is handing over “the reins” to his successor Tobias Oberg.

What’s ahead?

“I had a challenging and interesting time in a great team in Chile”, Henning Kanert says. “I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunities that I was given regarding the development of this Karl Gross location. This influenced my personal development, too. Now that I know how the South American logistics sector operates and what the local processes, conditions and particularities are, I want to make use of my experiences in Germany.


The desk of Henning Kanert is now set in the Karl Gross office in Bremen. There, he will work together with Jannis Böttcher, Business Development Latin America. Both are already a well rehearsed team as Jannis Böttcher has been Henning Kanert’s German counterpart when it came to the development of the South America trade in the past years.

Steffen W. Fulst, Managing Director of Karl Gross, is happy to welcome Henning Kanert back to Germany where Kanert’s logistics career had originally started – as Henning Kanert is a real ‘homegrown talent’. “We are rapidly developing in Latin America and are constantly expanding our competencies”, Steffen W. Fulst states. “Therefore it is an important step to have Henning Kanert back in Bremen – someone with comprehensive experience and know-how concerning the South American logistics market as well as the German one and who is aware of different demands and requirements from shippers and consignees as well as the local circumstances and possibilities.”

To have someone with extensive on-site experience back in our team in Germany is an important step for our development.

“I’m looking forward to this new experience although I will certainly miss the team in Chile. But I know it will be in good hands with Tobias Oberg and I am excited for the cooperation in this new set-up – always focussing on expanding our competencies”, Henning Kanert says.

And who is Tobias Oberg?

From the day Tobias Oberg was born, he already had a connection to South America. He was born in Bolivia and grew up in Venezuela, Spain and Germany.

In Alicante, Spain, Tobias Oberg finished his degree in international business before studying logistics in Barcelona.

Tobias Oberg gained work experience in Germany in the project logistics sector and also knows the Chilean logistics market from his own experience. And that’s exactly where he is now working again.

“I’m looking forward to further expand the Latin American sector”, states Tobias Oberg. “I am working with a well experienced and dedicated team – a working environment that couldn’t be better.”

5th of October 2018

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