In November 2020 Egypt issued a new customs regulation. Philipp Küffner, Deputy Branch Manager of Karl Gross in Bremen, Germany, and Specialist for Egypt freight traffic points out, what’s important according to our experience so far regarding import customs clearance in Egypt.

“What we see is that under the new law, not only the complete name, address, and phone number of the consignee in Egypt are required for import customs clearance but now also the TAX ID and Commercial Register No. are needed.”

“We also want to point out that freight documents containing consignee information such as “Consignee: TO ORDER OF SHIPPER” is no longer allowed. The consignee needs to be clearly identified.”

The consistency of information contained in documents is another point, we consider important. “There must not be any differences for example between the data shown in the commercial invoice and the packing list. The data has to be identical. We hear from Egypt that differences in data or subsequent changes in documents may lead to fines.”

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