Karl Gross Logistics (Chile) SpA obtains ISO certification

ChileKarl Gross Logistics (Chile) SpA obtains ISO certification

Our corporate philosophy states „We take care“ and "We believe in quality". To provide certified proof Karl Gross Logistics (Chile) SpA lately obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.

“We hold ourselves high standards of quality. Structured work flows are essential for this. By gaining the certificate, we are able to express that”, Tobias Oberg, General Manager Region LATAM, says.


We wanted to provide proof of our efforts.

The ISO 9001 is an internationally accepted certificate, associating a standardized process and quality management system. In the Chilean market, the ISO 9001 presents guidance for potential customers who are looking for a competent service provider. “Customer orientation, customer satisfaction, efficient processes as well as flexibility are maxims we have been following ever since Karl Gross Chile was founded in 2015. Now we wanted to provide proof”, Tobias Oberg explains.

But simply holding such a certificate is not enough for our Chilean specialists: “Quality management has been a major topic for us since ever. Therefore, we do not want to rest on our laurels – it is our job to keep it up and work on even getting better.”

28th of August 2018

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