At home in many parts of the world

At home in many parts of the world

Dr. Jenny Brettschneider
Dr. Jenny BrettschneiderHead of People & Organization

Karl Gross - a multicultural team

Buenos dias, 美好的一天, merhaba – Karl Gross speaks many languages. Working in an international context requires international specialists. That is why we highly value multicultural teams. When it comes to planning and implementing intercontinental transport solutions, our customers benefit not only from our logistics expertise and knowledge about local particularities, but also from the linguistic diversity of our teams. This enables us to communicate efficiently on both sides of the transport chain. We are staying true our motto; “Better logistics for you”. At the same time, our multi-cultural set-up offers benefits to all of our team members.

Competencies get enhanced

“Europe, Asia, Africa, North- or South America – our company is a melting pot of many cultures”, says Dr. Jenny Brettschneider, who is responsible for Human Resources for Karl Gross in Germany.

The teamwork increases the personal, professional, intercultural, and language skills of each team member individually.

Every day, different cultures work together hand in hand and benefit from each other. ”Working together and having constant exchange with colleagues of different cultural backgrounds increases the personal, professional, intercultural, and language skills of each team member individually”, explains Dr. Jenny Brettschneider. Our teams get a sense for other cultures. ”They get to know and understand different modes of operations and procedures in the respective countries.”

Desire to go abroad

“Working in a multicultural environment makes our colleagues curious to gather work experience in other parts of the world, for a longer period of time. And that is very welcome”, says Dr. Jenny Brettschneider. “If possible, we gladly offer our team members the chance to work at different Karl Gross office locations.” Going abroad may not be something that everyone wants to do, but one might still be interested in different cultures. We emphasize on satisfying this curiosity as well.

International meeting point

The intranet – our internal company platform serves as a central meeting point for our teams worldwide. Each member of the Karl Gross family has access. Our intranet offers the possibility to share our real life and working experiences amongst colleagues worldwide”, explains Dr. Jenny Brettschneider. What does our office in Vietnam look like? Which customs and traditions exist in Germany? And what about in China? These and other questions are answered in our intranet. Each office can report on their activities: from the Northern German tradition of having a “Kohltour” to activities connected to the Chinese New Year festivities. Such information is not only exciting for those colleagues who do not spend time abroad, it also has the potential to convey ‘a sense of home’ to our expatriates”, says Dr. Jenny Brettschneider.

When you are a part of an international company, you never stop learning. “If you are at home in many parts of the world, it never gets boring”, says Jenny Brettschneider.

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