A specialist returns

A specialist returns

Martin Kollmann
Martin KollmannManaging Director

Karl Gross in Bremen welcomes back Philipp Küffner

Philipp Küffner, who represented Karl Gross in Egypt for several years has returned to Bremen at the beginning of July, 2017. He will now continue his career at Karl Gross as Deputy Branch Manager of our office in Bremen, Germany.  

“Home-grown talent” and world champion

Philipp Küffner started his logistics career at Karl Gross. He successfully completed a dual studies program which combined academic studies of economics parallel to an apprenticeship for becoming a young logistics professional.

As a young professional, he participated in an international FIATA logistics contest, called “Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year”. After winning the nationwide German contest, and becoming the European champion, he once more proved his skills when taking on the completion with the champions of the other continents: Philipp Küffner won the world award of “Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year” in 2010. While partaking in the competitions, he continued working in the business development division of Karl Gross in Bremen where he focused on Egypt-traffic.

It is a true gift

I am very grateful for this experience.

Striving for an international career, Philipp Küffner moved to Egypt where he represented Karl Gross for several years. „I wanted to gather work experience in a foreign country – Karl Gross offered me that opportunity“, says our specialist for Egypt shipments. „In Egypt, I made many new experiences, gathered more knowledge, and met quite a number of challenges. I am very grateful for this opportunity. It was truly a gift”.

Continuing growth by new goals and challenges

Now Philipp Küffner meets a new challenge: He was named Deputy Branch Manager at our office in Bremen, Germany. „We are excited to welcome him back in our midst“, says Managing Director Martin Kollmann.

Philipp Küffner already has new objectives and goals: „ I will primarily be responsible for fostering our business development regarding the Middle East / Northern African region. My main focus will be on trade lane Egypt where our customers can benefit directly from the experiences I gained during my year at the Nile River”. 

Strong ties remain

Regular business trips to Egypt are still on Philipp Küffner’s agenda. “Simply letting go – that’s not something I can do after all the time I spent down there”, he says. Philipp Küffner has established a close connection to the team of our agent Blue Flag Freight Logistics and Heike Schaulies who is the current Karl Gross representative in Egypt. „By working together for years we established a close relationship. I am sure this will continue across borders, too”, Philipp Küffner says.

We highly value career advancement and offer such opportunities to our specialists.

„We are very satisfied with the new set-up of our team for Egypt shipments”, says Martin Kollmann. Also, Martin Kollmann views the career of Philipp Küffner as a good example for personnel development possibilities at Karl Gross: „We have proven once more that we highly value career advancement and offer such opportunities to our specialists.”

13th of July 2017

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