A short trip to Vietnam

A short trip to Vietnam

Dr. Jenny Brettschneider
Dr. Jenny BrettschneiderHead of People & Organization

The apprenticeship program for becoming young freight forwarding and logistics professionals at Karl Gross is manifold and international. For Karl Gross it is very important to provide an exciting educational program that goes beyond the demands.

This may also include a stay abroad, which gives our soon-to-be logistics experts an understanding of the logistical processes in other countries and – at the same time – helps to develop and expand intercultural competencies.

Marieke Brockmann is a student of the so-called “Hamburger Logistik-Bachelor”, a dual studies program which is a cooperation between various partners like the vocational school and a distance learning school. As part of her practical training at Karl Gross, Marieke Brockmann travelled to Vietnam for six weeks to work there with our local team in Ho Chi Minh City.

A sense for other cultures

Developing a sense for other cultures and expanding intercultural competencies are important parts within the apprenticeship program at Karl Gross. Therefore, Karl Gross also enables stays abroad that are organized in cooperation with the different international offices of the Karl Gross Group.

“When our branch manager, Thomas Burkhardt, asked me whether I was interested in going to Vietnam, I was really surprised at first”, Marieke Brockmann says. “But I didn’t have to think about it for long.” While staying abroad is compulsory for some study programs, Marieke Brockmann decided to take this chance voluntarily. “It was my choice to take this chance”, she says, “and it was a great experience.”

During her stay, Marieke Brockmann was able to gather interesting insights into the Vietnamese working life. “I was greeted with open arms and everyone did their best to take care of me and help me out wherever they could”, she recounts. “Getting to see how the Vietnamese logistics market works was really exciting. The working processes are difficult to compare to the ones in Germany, especially because the market is completely different. I would have never expected it to be like that.” Not only do our colleagues in Vietnam use other software but the processes and working culture are also very different from what our trainee knows from her work in Germany. And that’s exactly what’s so appealing about this kind of exchange – being able to broaden one’s horizon.


It was really exciting to see how the Vietnamese logistics market works.

Sea breeze instead of office work

Apart from the everyday office life, Marieke Brockmann was also able to breathe some ‘fresh sea air’ during the visit of a project shipment in the port of Vung Tau. “Oversized machine components were being loaded on an ocean going vessel from seaward. That was really interesting”, Marieke Brockmann recaps her experiences.  “As part of our trip we also visited another terminal, so I have experienced and seen Vietnam-logistics live in operation – not only from within the office.  

Asked, if she would want to gather more abroad experiences at an international competence center of Karl Gross, she says “Yes, immediately.”

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