Roger Zheng

General Manager

Roger Zheng
Karl Gross Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
No. 700, East Yan'an Road
200001 Shanghai

Specialist for the Chinese logistics market

Roger Zheng is General Manager of Karl Gross (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and has been part of it since the early beginnings. He has been handling the business activities of our subsidiary in China for more than a decade and knows the Chinese logistics market inside out.

Prior to joining the Karl Gross family, Roger Zheng worked in different positions for international companies in the production industry as well as in the shipping industry, holding positions in sales and supply chain management.

Thanks to his frequent travel activities in Europe and the U.S. as well as his long-term company affiliation, he is well-connected within the Karl Gross Group and in the international logistics industry and ensures close cooperation between our teams in China, the Karl Gross offices and our partners worldwide.